Un piccolo pezzo d’Italia a Tenerife!

Europa 3 Restaurant, Golf del Sur, Tenerife South, stands out as one of the islands finest hidden treasures - Gourmet pizza, outstanding service, and home to the best home made Tiramisu, awaits you..

Letizia & Marco Luca — Proprietors at Europa 3 Restaurant, Golf del Sur, Tenerife South

Restaurant guides will often discuss menu’s, décor, waiting times, and of course fine wines, however, it’s not very often that the essence or atmosphere of an establishment can be described in great detail. For foodies, it can often be a very subjective experience. However, on this occasion, this restaurant and beverage reporter (aka me!) will do her level best to do so!

One can only start with consistency. How can we expect to find that same outstanding level of Food, Service, and Ambiance each time we visit our favourite dining spot? In the case of Europa 3, a restaurant that I have dined at since their opening on the Golf del Sur, just as everything was gradually getting back to normal post pandemic, it was not difficult for me to work out how they consistently serve the highest standard of gourmet Pizza & Pasta on Tenerife island!

A warm welcome awaits..

Firstly, a combination of the most graceful attention to detail by Letizia (originally hailing from Naples), overseen by the prompt and friendly service of Marco (a Pescara native), joined and supported by the overflowing engagement of head waiter Jesús, makes each “welcome” individual & special at Europa 3.

Spaghetti frutti di mare

However, moving onto the very fabric of the restaurants success, their food, it was here I discovered their own particular family secret, that is, their Chef, Maria! Steeped in traditional and generational experience, (the family’s 4th restaurant), Maria completes this gourmet team, who delight us with a menu of Pizza, Pasta, Seafood and Dolce, all washed down with the finest of affordable Spanish and local Canarian wines.

But for me, a lady with a sweet tooth! The sweetest of treats is in the final course..

Maria’s famous home-made Tiramisu (not to be missed!)

The ultimate dessert course encounter! Yes, in what can only be described as “a menu coming to life” head waiter Jesús, wet’s our appetites (a move that makes resistance impossible!) by presenting the full mouth-watering dessert menu, ranging from Tiramisu to Ferrero Rocher cheesecake, to guests on an elegant dessert platter, brought right to your table. And so, making the overall Europa 3 night out, spectacular, and well worth sharing with other likeminded foodies! Buon Appetito!

Europa 3 Restaurant is located at Golf del Sur, in Tenerife South (opposite The Fantasia Hotel). Opening hours 12 noon — 10.30 pm. Closed Tuesdays.

Fine wines, beers, and a full list of spirts available.

Booking in advance is highly recommended!



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